GroundLuxe Introduces the Next Generation of Revolutionary Bedding: More Silver, More Comfort, More Complete

Wednesday, April 3, 2024 at 7:29pm UTC

Nashua, NH , April 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GroundLuxe, a pioneering company at the forefront of innovation in the grounding industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of its next-generation grounding sheets and grounding pillowcases, setting a new benchmark for comfort and luxury.

GroundLuxe is a leader in the grounding industry, dedicated to improving the quality of customer lives through innovative products.

Enhanced with Silver

Understanding the critical role of sleep in health and wellness, GroundLuxe has enhanced its sheets and pillowcases with 10% silver fiber, doubling the amount from its previous generation. This significant increase in silver content is designed to maximize the benefits, offering users softer, better-looking bedding. The silver fibers are intricately woven into the fabric in a new pattern that is less visible while still containing double the silver fiber content.

Unparalleled Comfort & Design

GroundLuxe's commitment to unparalleled comfort is evident in the softness of the new generation bedding. The proprietary blend of materials now includes an even softer, more luxurious texture, ensuring that users experience the most comfortable sleep possible. This improvement in fabric softness further establishes GroundLuxe's sheets and pillowcases as the premium choice for those who do not compromise on the quality of their sleep or their grounding.

GroundLuxe is also offering a new color, Stone (light gray), in their latest collection. With more color options, GroundLuxe continues to complement any decor with their bedding options.

A More Complete Grounding Experience

To enhance the value delivered to customers, GroundLuxe now offers a complete kit with every purchase of its next-generation fitted sheets. This comprehensive kit includes a 15-foot grounding cord, an outlet tester, and a safety adaptor, providing everything needed to create a grounding experience at home.

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GroundLuxe is a leader in the grounding industry, dedicated to improving the quality of customer lives through innovative products. With a focus on health, wellness, and the ultimate sleep experience, GroundLuxe's products are designed to harness the power of natural elements and cutting-edge science to offer unparalleled comfort and benefits. In addition to sheets and pillowcases, GroundLuxe offers grounding mats, mattress pads and related accessories. GroundLuxe products can be found on the GroundLuxe site as well as on:


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